HealthcareExpanding Medicaid Access

As a delegate, Lee will be a leading voice for Medicaid Expansion in Virginia. Partisan opposition to this important step is hurting 300,000 Virginians who make too much to qualify for Virginia’s limited Medicaid program, but also don’t qualify for Federal Government subsidies that are provided by the Affordable Care Act. This includes 3,100 people in Lee’s district, and he will help ensure that they can access the crucial care they need.

TransportationReal and Clean Energy and Transportation Solutions

Lee knows that if we are going to protect our world for generations to come, we need to act now on green energy projects and rethink transportation. Lee is in favor of expanding the Virginia Railway Express to limit congestion and put less cars on the road, and expanding our investment in the Green Energy Economy.

Workers RightsProtecting Workers

Lee was partially inspired to run after a horrific experience with the Commonwealth’s worker compensation program, and he knows what it is like when you are a worker in need and the government doesn’t have your back. He will fight to raise the minimum wage, create more protections for workers, and support unions.

EconomicsLimiting Corporate Influence in Virginia Politics

Lee has taken a pledge in this campaign to not accept money from for-profit corporate donors. He is a firm believer in campaign finance reform that emphasizes transparency and ensures Virginians know who is funding their representatives in Richmond.

Human RightsDefending Human Rights

Lee supports human rights for every person in Virginia. That means protecting the right to choose, demanding equal pay for equal work, protecting immigrants and minorities,and ensuring that the LGBTQ community’s recent gains are defended. Lee knows that many people are feeling under attack from the current political climate, and will make sure all feel welcome in Virginia.

Criminal justiceCriminal Justice Reform

Lee supports criminal justice reform that puts fewer people behind bars for nonviolent crimes, focuses on rehabilitation over incarceration,and is less harmful to minority communities.

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